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04-22-2004, 02:50 PM
Another great party.
A really historical treat for many, was seeing Kiki, yes that Kiki, and Tim on stage together giving away Door Prizes. Even Kiki was overwhelmed and cried at the kindness of the community and the moment.

Nearly 300 signatures, and many people got by without signing in. A great turnout.
I think the highlight this year was the third party vendors. Their tables were packed all night.
Table 3, had Bob Tasa and his plug-ins. Great asset for the community. I bought some of his stuff.

Table 4, Steve Bowie from LightWorx demonstrating Mirage and more. Nice stuff Steve!

Table 5, Bill Panegoulious sp? Showing what they are doing with the new code for the Video Toaster Flyer system. I'm still amazed at the devotion of this group of dedicated people. You can see more of their stuff at,

Table 6, Don Ballance and Ralph showing Anark Interactive Multimedia and 3D arsenal. It was great seeing that duo again at the party and demoing at the Show!!!

And of course at table 1 & 2 were Don, Dave and Curtis from Professional Video and Sound and We 3 Multimedia who have for two years now helped to give the party some extra eye candy and pazaz.

The door Prizes…
While again being overwhelmed by the number, sent many people home with some great prizes.
I think our last estimate was nearly $20,000.00 in prizes! Thanks to all who contributed.

Due to the fact that the MGM moved us twice, the last time while I was packing for the airport Sunday afternoon, I'm working with the MGM to discount the expenses.

***After talking with several people connected with the party, I'm planning on giving any leftover back to David from Digital Juice. His generous donation to cover my arse is what helped the party planning continue. Everyone I asked agreed, we should lessen his obligation if there is anything left.

I'll be getting the final total from the MGM, see what remains and update you all.

Thanks to everyone who donated at the party and to Ron for handling the door prizes and for bringing in 3 complete systems to help the 3rd party developers.

The saddest part for me was not getting time to more spend with all of you. If I missed saying hi, forgive me. It got a little frantic with the last minute changes, but overall, I think it was a huge success for everyone.

Thanks again to all who assisted with the party and to everyone who came.
We'll see about doing it again next year.

04-26-2004, 12:19 PM


Great event. Well done.

I really enjoy this friendly gather.