View Full Version : Adding Feature Requirement warnings

04-22-2004, 01:53 PM
After reading some posts and my own experience with Lightwave I would like to see a feature added that popped up a warning when a plugin/tool/feature I am trying to use needs something else activated. This is something that all tools should be able to activate so users know what's going on.

This would require an update to the SDK so that tools can identify if a plugin is loaded or if a feature is activated.

The message should be like the pop-ups for weld and other such tools, it's display is based on the mode. In expert mode it shows as a warning in the info area.

For example: when using the Depth based gradiant ray trace transparency needs to be on. I should get a warning that it needs to be on to work.

SasLite needs to have the pixel filter loaded I should get a notice to load this.


I think the issue is that there are too many tools for anyone to remember every little check box and plugin to load for every tool to work. A warning message system should be implemented to remind us what needs to be on without having to go to a manual or help system.

Think of it as a reminder system or an extension of the pop-up system already in place.