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04-22-2004, 02:56 AM
Hi all,
It's that time of year for me: career review.

I need to justify to the suits that my role in the company and Rich Media Content in general are worth investing in, sure I know it and everyone here knows it, and most of those who I work for and use my services love it... but then, there's the accountants... and my CEO is an ex-accountant...

So does anyone have any good references, links to papers or information outlining the benefits of Rich Media from any of the following points of view...

Visualisation and design processes
Communication through digital publishing (online and offline)
Recommendations and strategies for future development

Government quotes would be best, as I work for a semi-state agency.


04-22-2004, 03:16 PM
I think the benefits depend on how you employ 3D imagery/animation in your workplace. What sort of projects do you use Lightwave for? It's certainly possible to spend weeks on a 3D project that you could have done in days if you used simpler 2D illustrated graphics. From a direct financial standpoint this doesn't make a lot of sense.

I think where 3D really shines is in animation. 3D animation is much, much quicker than hand-drawing thousands of individual cells. Of course the biggest advantage of 3D imagery for me is the realism that is possible. The level of realism obtainable with 3D apps is difficult to reproduce quickly with 2D illustration.

I work in the Disaster Mitigation Division at FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). I convinced my boss to purchase Lightwave last fall. I recently completed a poster that demonstrates modifications one can make to their homes to make the home more flood resistant. The imagery in the poster could have been done in 2D, but the results wouldn't have looked nearly as good. This poster will be more effective in presenting it's message than it's 2D counterpart would have been.

I'll post a copy of the poster on this forum as soon as it's officially released.

I don't know if my ranting helps you or not. Good luck with the bean counters.

04-22-2004, 03:34 PM
Hey Ome- your question is going to be very tough to answer my friend.

Rich Media Development has many different facets and applications which makes it tough to test. In Rich Media, 3D is only one aspect of the visual presentation field. And to make it even more complicated Rich Media Dev has not been around long enough to have its results put through rigorous testing procedures which can make or break a particular approach.

There are going to be a few articles or papers here and there but this type of media is going to be very tough to quantify at this stage of the game.

You have to remember "Digital Content Creator" is a fairly new term to explain a job role.

The visual technology field is just warp speeding along at a dizzying rate.

My thoughts would be to find information in trade organizations where the largest amounts of money are being made which is probably within the advertising community or the visual presentation community. Plus, what is your application? Is it a niche? Is it extremely specific? The broader and less specific the visual service is fulfilling the easier the information will be to find.
If the inverse is true you are probably on your own and you may be considered a pioneer.

04-22-2004, 04:16 PM
Yep, it's a tough question theo, glad to see your willing to rise to the challenge ;)

There a lot of points for dicussion there from yourself and automan, I'll try address a few as best I can. Firstly the main reason I use the term Rich Media, is because it's the new buzzword that "3D" used to mean, I dont like buzzwords, but they serve certain purposes in certain situations ;) (in fact I've and always hated the over use of "3D" as it really only describes the modelling aspects of what we do, to me).

Secondly to answer automan's Q. about what sort of projects I do, it's a very wide range, fom coporate communication, through public information and communication, I get involved different design processes, pre-vis with architects depts, pre-vis with traffic control dept, training simulations for Tram drivers and bus drivers, spatial anaysis for emergency services, it goes on and on, basically if its digital content - I do it

04-22-2004, 04:39 PM
I have a few of our my government papers and reports, but frankly they were stabbing in the dark because they see Digital Media as a press opportunity (e.g. the first software they mentioned as suitable for 3D was Bryce - no mention of LW, Maya...)

So anyway, the content I create covers a very broad base, I want to highlight the benefits and effects without getting into any project specifics, as its better to present this kind of stuff in a 'global' sense.

Last, I cant say I completely agree with automan on the 2D illustrated graphics point, take this example that I gave my girlfriend the other night, I was trying to show her where the Enterprise Board was, look at this really simple image www.meath.com/images/navan_map.gif created in mere seconds in 3D, but 2 days 2D illustrating a plan would not have matched its purpose. She got there no problem because she was able to keep that image in her mind, a 2D map doesn't have that power.

BTW, I already have my first draft written, I wanted to flesh it out and drive the points home with external references.. if anyone is interested in reading it, PM me and I'll send a link or email a copy