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04-20-2004, 09:32 AM
When I attempt to load any lscript into layout I get the error message:
"... line n (Script type n differs from architecture)",
where n is the lscript attempting to load.
I'm running 7.5 with I believe the latest version of lscript (2.5)
I have tried to run these scripts using 7.5c and get the same error. (So I backed to 7.5, less problems on my system).
What is needed to have lscripts run in layout.
BTW I can run scripts in Modeler.
Jeffrey Baker,
Dancing Bear Graphics

04-20-2004, 10:10 PM
Sounds like the first mistake I made when trying to write my first LScripts. Basically the message means that you are trying to run an LScript somewhere it wasn't designed to run.

For example, a Motion LScript (@script motion) is meant to be run as a modifier in the Motion Options Panel (press m in Layout to bring up this panel).

This same LScript (very happy in the Motion Options Panel) cannot be run elsewhere because that software "Architecture" is structured to have "hooks" into an Object's Motions (and most likely will modify the object's motion).

In short, it's like trying to plug your coffee pot into a Phone jack. It won't work... and in some cases architecture mismatches can produce disasterous results.

IMHO, well written plugins should provide well written documentation on both how to install and use the plugin. But programmers find documentation the least interesting part of their jobs. I include myself in that category.