View Full Version : Save several objects as a single one in Layout ?

04-18-2004, 02:21 AM
Anyone knows if there's a way to load several objects
(or clone an object) in the Layout, place them, and
then save them as a single one.

Example : I load a cube, I clone it 10 times and put clones
at different positions / rotations, and need to save these 10 cubes
as a single .lwo file (all cubes grouped in one single layer of this .lwo
file would be the best).

(I did not found anything on Flay.com)

Few more infos : I coud use the save object as… or save transformed objects
functions, but it would be quite too long as I actually need to save tens and even hundreds objects as a single one.

To be more precise, what I intend to do is this :
I'm working on a large urban scene with hundred trees,
I have few types of trees that I cloned (each tens of time) in the Layout
as it's faster and more accurate than cloning them in the Modeler.
This works well for LW renderings but I'd like to make a real time version
of this scene.
For this I use a soft named Axel, that imports directly lwo files.
The issue is that it hardly imports .lws files, and especially when there
are many objects or when there are hierarchies (which is the case in my scene).

What I need to do is :
1/ In the Modeler, replace my trees layers by very low poly models

2/ Load the scene in Layout

3/ Save all the cloned trees (or few groups of ones) as .lwo files containing
several clones

4/ import this in Axel

Now I just need a solution for step 3…

thanx by advance

04-18-2004, 05:57 AM
Just found a solution folks, I'm sooo happy about it,
let me share here…

I found on Flay a free plug'in available for PC and Mac,
downloadable at :


it's called Load Objects from Scene,
and as the name tells it allows to load
in the Modeler all (or group of) objects or clones
that are in a scene.
They're stacked on layers in a single .lwo new object,
and keep the position/rotation they have in the scene at frame 0 !

04-20-2004, 03:14 PM
thanks, it can be very usefull !!