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04-17-2004, 11:05 AM
Hello, I am interested in using and learning Lightwave, but I haven't been able to find a demo to let me try it out. Which leads me to the question, Is there a demo out there for Lightwave? (im on the mac platform, just in case it matters) I am quite interested in trying it out and possibly buying. Also, besides doing some work in Poser 4 and Bryce, I am fairly new to 3D, does anyone know of some good training availible? Any help would be greatly appreciated....


04-17-2004, 01:29 PM
Newtek do a Lightwave Discovery Edition (DE), not sure if its available for mac, but if you check with either a reseller or through www.newtek-europe.com they will let you know. For LW training, look at http://newtek.com/products/lightwave/tutorials/index.html there is plenty there to get you started. Look through them to see what level you need to start at, but the spoon/fork/plate/bowl/mug are a good place to start to help get you used to the look and workflow of LW.

Happy Lightwaving....


04-17-2004, 06:22 PM
Thank you very much, I will do that.


04-19-2004, 02:03 AM
Also, the Inside Lightwave book series is a good way to get started, and this forum is a good resource as well.


04-19-2004, 10:38 PM
Since you use Bryce and Poser. You may also want to check out Vue from E-On. Rumor has it that Corel is not going to update Bryce for the Mac. However Vue will load Poser scenes and with the Mover add-on you can import animations as well. Vue can import Lightwave objects and export complete scenes to Lightwave. However I think Poser scenes do not transfer to Lightwave via Vue. That would be something you would have to check on. Their web site is http://www.e-onsoftware.com/
Thought you would like to know.;)

04-21-2004, 01:19 AM
Hey Silkrooster,
I have a nice intro course that will get you up and running in LW and 3D. You can see it HERE (http://www.3dtrainingonline.com/introtolightwave.htm) . The images on that page are all student work.
I also have a support forum for students which you can check out
HERE (http://www.learningstop.com/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi) . Just login as guest and use guest for the password.

04-21-2004, 06:42 PM
As soon as I can save up enough dough. I plan on getting one or more of your courses. I have seen some of your sample video's and have heard good things from those who have used your course. It is my goal to master Lightwave as well as some other software which I need to purchase yet. I am debating am whether to become a video animator or sell 3d objects. Odds are it will end up being both. I started pretty much the same way as the person who started this thread, with Bryce and Poser. Then adding Truespace for modeling and now Lightwave for a more robust and supposable less crashing. I am now finding out that solid modelers don't really exist just whishful thinking. Oh, how I pray ver 8 is solid. I can not stand working on something and have a program crash just before you remember to save your work. Oh well I am getting off topic.

04-21-2004, 10:03 PM
Hey Thanks! :)

04-22-2004, 01:45 AM

Do they still do Lightwave DE?. I use a bought copy now but a while back I couldn't find the demo version. I just looked a moment ago and still cant find it so if it exists its pretty well hidden.

Its very difficult committing to expensive software when you cant try it out.

Serth, perhaps there is a store near you where by you can have a go with it. Also have you seen the video demos of Lightwave 8 on the lightwave site somewhere?