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04-15-2004, 09:22 AM
I want to create some props for Poser5, nothing to complicated, no morphs etc, but with textures and UV maps.
My problem is exporting .obj files from LW does not include the surface properties nor the texture information. Iported into Poser you will just get the geometry with named default surfaces. Exporting 3DS files is probably not an option as all polys need to be 3-point and LW seems to struggle with some types of model.
Models in Poser seem to have more geometry than LW models plus 3-point polys seem to render badly. Edges are a problem, presumably because Poser is optimised for organic modelling.
Has anybody had experience of modelling for Poser and can share their experience.
Many Thanks

04-15-2004, 12:02 PM
No experience getting models into Poser, but as far as saving out your LW models and getting them into Poser, I recommend that you use a program such as Okino's Polytrans to convert them to OBJ's and then bring them into Poser. The Polytrans program will keep all of your surfaces intact as you designed them.

04-15-2004, 12:50 PM
You could just export them as OBJ's and use the UVmapper that is free by Steve Cox. http://www.uvmapper.com .Once you load the obj into the uvmapper you'll get a white screen. Don't panic, You should have a white screen that says ‘this object has no UV texture co-ordinates use Edit - >New UV Map to create some’. Looks scary but don’t panic it is easy’.
Select Edit > New UV Map > Planar. Don’t touch the settings just hit OK.Now select File > Save Model or ‘Ctrl + S’ click OK and save the object over the model you imported then select File > Save Texture Map or ‘Ctrl + T’ and hit OK.

It works everytime! Hope that helps!


04-15-2004, 09:39 PM
Since I am still learning LW I can't help much there. However I came from Truespace. I had pretty good results porting over to poser. UVMapper is definatly a program you will need. Helps alot with creating new UV Maps as well as making sense out of UV Maps created by Modeling programs.
I was thinking since DAZ uses LW to create their models for poser, I bet that asking the same question on their message board will help as well.
Some other programs that should be in your staple of programs to use are Mat Pose Edit 3, P3dO Explorer, and CR2 Editor. These programs will help you create MAT files, create Library Thumbnails, and edit the cr2 file for hiding controls or making sure limits can't be turned off for a control. etc.
One peice of advice make sure you have a backup of your prop file before you edit the pr2 file. When you edit the pr2 file the object can become corrupted.

Good Luck

04-21-2004, 06:31 AM
Thanks very much for all the input, the're full of good ideas.
I tested the Polytrans solution, and it does what it says, but its a pricey option at $400.
There is a cheaper prog called Quick 3D Pro, its not as good as Polytrans but I'll keep trying it out.
It seems both progs do not accept any other texture map types other than UV though.

UV mapper works well and, yes, its simple to use.

I will post to a Poser forum to get their ideas.

Lightwave modelling for Poser is very demanding as the geometry required is so much more complex. This is because Poser applies a high degree of smoothing by default, probably because its first function is to render complex charactrers. Can you imagine LW modelling with smoothing turned on for everything.

Many Thanks Again.