View Full Version : Desparate modelling help required!

04-15-2004, 06:40 AM
Can anyone please tell me how to model the aircraft intake as they have done in the example Mustang object from the aviation folder. I have attached an image for ease; I just cannot get my own aircraft intake to look like this - how on earth is it done?

04-15-2004, 06:24 PM
There are many ways.

You can use splines & patch the shape, but that is a bit tricky to get a good blended shape unless you create some really accurate curves.

You can create a fuselage, and an intake, then bridge the gaps with a cylinder of polys that you refine a bit at a time until the blend is right (bandsaw is an essential tool for this sort of thing)

you can build lowish res profile shapes & use the morph command (the one in the Multiply Tab menu - not endomorphs) to get the initial shapes. Alternatively use Skin on the profiles - just make sure you have enough of em.

You can build the fuselage, and bevel or smooth shift an intake shape out, and bend it into place (segment it first).

You can build the 2 shapes separately & use boolean operations to mate them. Blending can involve lots of tweaking.

Personally, I'd probably do it with option 1 & a bit of 2 and a liberal dose of Sub-D which I would freeze with a low subdivision once I was happy about the shape.

The secret is to know what the profiles of the shape should be (and you have an example to copy on disc) and know where the seams are on the real thing. This makes it much easier to see how it alll fits.

Oh, yes - only make half of the shape, it makes life soooo much easier.

Keep tweaking.

04-19-2004, 04:28 AM
:) Thanks for the reply Mkiii. Your ideas helped alot and I am now 95% to solving the prob. As you said, its all about tweaking!

When I am a little more confident in what I am doing, I will post a 'how goz it' for critique.