View Full Version : shrimp boat in Stormy ocean

04-11-2004, 03:26 AM
All of us can remember the Masterpiece CG FX shots in "PERFECT STORM" movie.
It was about 3 years ago, and i know many of us ,Lightwave users, have been in regret of "MAYA" fluid ability,till today.
It was about 2 months ago,and i had only 3 weeks time to make a T.V. advertisement for new SAMSUNG E700 Mobile phone.
And i decided to prove,that "LW" ordinary particle system can achieves the same result! very closely!
I tried all this 3 weeks,and here is my output sample.
I dont know how much could i prove the ability of "LW" particle system , and this mean that i and "HABIB ZARGARPOUR" supervisor of "PERFECT STORM"
are compatriot!
Please inform me about your oppinion, and if you are interested in this field , you can see soon,many years exprinces in this field in my official site.
It,s my 4th try to send my work sample as AVI file,but till now it was impossible and i dont know what was wrong
Anyway i will try to attach some JPEG pix and if it was possible a .GIF anim!
I am waiting for your oppinion EAGERLY!

My tremporary E-mail:[email protected]