View Full Version : demo LW 7.5 on Mac OSX .... possible?

Larry Brekke
04-10-2004, 11:30 AM
Hi. I'm a registered owner of LightWave (have it installed on my home DELL). Recently, a college student asked how he can get a demo version of LW for OSX. I did a search on the Mac board and found a few references to downloading the 7.5 upgrade, installing it, and running it in demo mode. But that doesn't seem to work - the install wants to find an existing LW 7.0 - which obviously won't be on his Mac. And I can't find any LW 7.0 install on NewTek's site.
So how does one go about demo-ing LW 7.5 on Mac OSX? I do have an email into LW customer support, but have yet to receive a reply. And I've posted a similar thread on the LW Mac board, but don't have a reply that solves the problem yet.
Thanks in advance,
Larry Brekke