View Full Version : Archiving projects

04-08-2004, 12:02 PM
If I want to backup a project, do I only save the "ProjectName.VT-Edit Project" file, or do I need the associated "Undo-Redo" files as well (all of them or only the last one)?

04-08-2004, 12:31 PM
I believe the undo files are exactly the same format as the main project file (at least in VT2 you could load any of them directly into Toaster Edit, haven't needed to do this in VT3). Save them all if you'll want to undo edits, or just save the main file if you only need the final version.

You probably know this, but in order for a backup to work you'll also need all the source clips to be back in their original locations from the drive letter up. But if anything isn't where it should be, the new spreadsheet should make it much easier to fix things.


04-14-2004, 08:31 AM
The undo-redo files have saved my butt on more than one occasion after a system crash. Opening the last undo brings the project back to the most recent state.

04-14-2004, 10:57 AM
My butt agrees. :p