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04-07-2004, 07:34 PM
The last thread was closed but I wanted to clear some things up for the people who participated in the first "hail to the cheif thread"

1. You know I love these heated discussions..... As far as the Texas stuff and the Alamo, I love Texas..... After living in Texas for sometime (live in PA now) So, if texans took personal insult to what I have said, I sincerely apologize. I take back that I mentioned politics at all, my bad, not thinking.

2. In no way do my comments reflect on any one of employees at Newtek who work extremely hard and are probably underpaid. Most of my comments, when I speak of NEWTEK, are pointed toward high level management who make the decisions on releasing information to the public.

3. I still feel that this whole release experienced kind of stinker and made me look bad to owners of my company. At least I have started becoming a participant in these forums, if that is a positive note?

4. We are all (mostly) artist using the program. What would you expect from an artist in a discussion? If you have something to say about what I have said, say it, and explain to me why I am wrong. Don't specifically call me a name. If I am wrong I will be the first person agree with you.

5. Give me a break with the grammar and spelling crap. I'm typing this on a laptop with someone asking me a question every 2 minutes while I'm trying to get work completed.

6. I totally agree that 7.5 is a great version and I can do just about everything I need to do currently. The point is that I mention the new and the greatest to the owner months ago and he wants to physically see the program in the building. He doesn't understand, he thinks new = better. He is rich because he DOESN'T spend money. So every dime from and upgrade to a model I need, I have to SELL to him. I sold him Lightwave 8 a long time ago, now where is it? He doesn't want to hear the story that it went gold et. He want to hear that I have it and am using it.

7. Yea get a refund from Newtek. That will make me look really good to my boss.

8. Like I said in my last post: it isn't the program, it's the artist. I look at the end result, what I use to achieve that result can be swayed by anything possible. It's my choice, I'm the artist. I love the dedicated Lightwave people that tell me just to switch to another program when I suggested I might. Way to stick to your product. In a world with allot of other 3D products and software hackers, keeping a large user base should be a goal for every dedicated LW user.

9. I love OSX. But not LWOSX (I use XP) it is these people that have the most to complain about, period. My argument is minor compared to their arguments.

This is my last post in this thread. Like everything in life, this will all be gone in a month or 2, I guess. My Lightwave re-hab is finally coming to an end. As I reach the acceptance stage of my recovery from not getting my Lightwave 8 version, I'm reflecting back on all those good times that Lightwave 7 and I had. All those lonely stormy nights rubbing nurbs together. It was like we just meshed. Her tab was smooth to the touch and my willingness to buy her plug-ins made her just render with joy. As the tear falls off my cheek, I wave good-bye to that white box as it boards the plane to archiveville. As I shuttle over to arrival I await the incoming plane from Newtekia. But wait, there is a security check and they found a doggle on Lightwave 8 coming through customs. That's a felony. Who knows when the they will release her?

Later, happy holidays.


04-07-2004, 08:07 PM
Are you on something,?


5 posts doesn't amount to a hill of beans.


04-07-2004, 08:56 PM
You need to grab a cup of coffee and relax man.

You need to go away until the end of April or quit moaning about LW8. Maybe swing by the Stranahan thread and take a swing at some theists and hedonists.