View Full Version : Trouble with Ulead Movie factory..trying to go direct to Mpeg

04-07-2004, 06:14 AM
I have Ulead Movie Factory 2.0. I am trying to capture directly to mpeg2 for dvd burning. I keep getting a message.....the current video capture size is 640 by 480. It does not match the capture setting VCD NTSC 352 by 240. The adjustments may be incorrect or your capture device does not support 352 by 240 Please adust the dimensions "
I try the various ulead pop up settings and do not find one that works. Ulead only offers tech support on non trial versions.
Does anyone KNOW how to use this with VT3???????

04-07-2004, 09:10 PM
vcd and dvd are two different formats. vcd is mpeg1 not mpeg 2. Mpeg2 is the format you want to use if you are going to burn a dvd with a dvd burner. Vcd can be burned using a cd burner. In order to create a vcd you need to downsample your video or if you are rendering from lightwave, you need to change the resolution to match the vcd specs, which you stated was 352 x 240. If Uleads software only offers vcd and you want to burn DVD, then I recommend looking for another video editor.

Check out www.adobe.com
and www.pinnicle.com

04-08-2004, 09:47 AM
Try TMPGE. It's freeware. It will convert between formats. For instance, I did a promo for a local band, shot with my digital video cam. In order to be sure that the final video would play on even the most ancient computers, I ran the individual sequences through TMPGE,(down-sized to mpeg1), then assembled them in ULEAD's Video Studio 6. I finally delivered a ten minute video, with stereo sound, and it was only 137mb! Give it a shot, if you do a search, you'll find it.