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04-06-2004, 01:34 PM
Sad to say but.......For sale Lightwave 7.5c

$700.00 US currency

Lightwave 6 Newtek CD plus printed manuals plus dongle.

Lightwave 7.0 upgrade Newtek CD plus printed manual

Lightwave 7.0b to 7.5c upgrades on CD with pdf manuals

Fully registered commercial copy. Upgradeable to Lightwave 8

I will provide letter of release and contact Newtek regarding License transfer.

Can registration be transferred?
Yes, registration of commercially-licensed NewTek products is transferrable in most situations. If you buy a previously-owned NewTek product, you should ask the seller for an invoice or a bill of sale, and for a letter of release of registration. Both of these should cite the serial number of the product. The letter should include the name, address, and phone number of the previous owner. These materials should be faxed to Customer Service, or the information can be emailed.

If you have purchased a used NewTek product, but did not receive an invoice or bill of sale, you can fax or email a statement which includes name, address, and phone number of both you and the previous owner, and the serial number of the product, along with a brief message explaining the transfer.

Educational licenses of NewTek products are not transferrable unless they are first converted to commercial licenses. Customer Services can provide information and pricing on such conversions. Lab packs, or parts of lab packs, owned by educational institutions may NOT be upgraded to a commercial license or transferred.

Note: If you sell your NewTek product, please provide the purchaser with an invoice and a letter of release, as described above.

Additional Instruction material available:
Just Animate “Walk cycles” CDROM
Charcter Animation with Lightwave[6]
Inside Lightwave[6]

Contact me at [email protected]