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04-06-2004, 11:12 AM
Because the compy output and TV output are different, I set my colors and textures to the TV output in LW thru the VT.

But when I click the abort button (after render complete) to redo a surface I loose my VT output and it goes black.

the only output plug-in I could find is the old LW6_VT one.

Is there a newer one that dosen't make the output go black, or is there a way to set the frame buffer in VT so it holds the image so I can look at it while resetting surfaces and lighting without having to remember what I needed????

04-06-2004, 07:29 PM
You on vt3?
IF so, you should have choices in the FP menu selection about the switcher. Set it to output to the switcher. Send the most recent image. Then set it to auto send.

If you are on vt2, no such luck, as I recall.

04-07-2004, 12:48 AM
:( Figures

04-07-2004, 11:59 PM
found a way:D

I ran the S Video from Video card back into the toaster and it shows on TV:D
Now I can use the QV or FP to render to and let it stay on screen while fixing surfaces or lights and it stays on the TV.