View Full Version : No Audio Output device for SR 5.51

Tom Harman
04-06-2004, 04:17 AM
After a totally new installation of VT3 version 4909 and Speed Razor 5.51, I am having a problem with the Audio Output player.

I have deleted the VideoToaster.rzf file of 5.51 and ran the VT3 install third party utility. (Did this two separate times)

I have the proper video devices for VT3 showing up in the editing preferences. But in audio preferences, the output device is blank. The other two fields( input recording device and File format) appropriately have the wav device as I would expect.

I have started corresponding with in-Sync's tech people but their advice at first opportunity was to do what I have already described. (That's why I've tried it twice)

Any one else have a solution?