View Full Version : won't Envelope Reflection correctly with Layers?

04-05-2004, 11:11 PM
having trouble...I need to be able to turn the reflection level down on my model. I'm using an HDR image for the reflect, so the model looks lit, even when there is zero light and zero ambient light. I eventually will have to put some spotlights on the model to light it from the side, in a subtle way, to barely catch the edges (and the model will need to be dark for these shots). Eventually the entire logo will show, and then I'll want all of the reflect map to show.

* the Texture Editor details are for the Reflection map.

** both images rendered @ frame 15

A- how it needs to look in final shot. Refection is @ zero, but still very reflective.

B- cranked the reflection down to -100% to see if it would help, still getting odd results.

How can get this image to drop the reflection. When I did a quick test earlier, if I turned off the Layers in the Reflection, I had much luck, but lost the look I needed.

04-05-2004, 11:15 PM
oh yeh,
I also did a few tests before the Envelope issue,
when I have the Reflection set @ zero, it doesn't change much when I have the Layers on,
But when I turn the Layers off, then I get control with the Reflection % settings. But, again, I lose the look I need. http://www.bluehandgraphics.com/reflectHelp02.jpg