View Full Version : Quick NewTek Support Question

03-18-2003, 08:31 AM
What's the current turnaround time for Email queries? (Please NT Staff only)

03-18-2003, 09:22 AM
Not as slow as them answering a post to the forum. I know you said Newtek staff only, but at least this way you get SOME response, so look on the bright side. :) Send them an e-mail and see how long it takes to answer. Tech support (or responsiveness) seems to be Newtek's largest weakness.

03-18-2003, 09:37 AM
I've been waiting for at least an autoresponder for a good 18 hours now (I thought that Autoresponders were standard with Technical support).

You're right though, I was a bit callous in the Newtek Staff only comment, I apologise :)


03-18-2003, 11:03 AM
I actually manage a support group for a major software company. If one of my techs took as long to respond to e-mail as Newtek, they would probably be looking for a new job. That aside, I love LightWave and forgive Newtek. :D

03-18-2003, 11:20 AM
I'm sure I'd get service quickly if I called, when I was in college I was in a tech-support role. I remember that the email queue was always the last to be handled at the end of a tech's shift, however we had an autoresponder that read that it could be anywhere from 12-24 hours for a response.

I'm sure that they'll get around to it. For the most part I'm a hobbyist filmmaker, and Lightwave is just icing on any project's cake.

03-18-2003, 11:40 AM
I guess I just have high expectations. I monitor all cases created on our web site. I dispatch cases to other groups as needed or assign them to a tech on my team. The tech is required to contact the customer within 8 business hours of the create time (I usually have it assigned with 30 minutes of creation). AFter that, as the case progresses, the tech is required to contact the customer every 72 hours, or I get an e-mail from our CRM software telling me they haven't done so. It's pretty common for a customer to get a phone call from a tech within 20 minutes of creating a case.

03-18-2003, 12:49 PM
I had a problem with modeller not wanting to stay open so i emailed Newtek Europe and had a reply from Ben Vost within 1 hour he suggested a few things which did'nt work but 3 email's & 2 hours later he had it down to a faulty dongle which has been replaced so in my experience they have a very good turnaround
10 out of 10 i think

03-19-2003, 02:07 AM
Aw shucks... :)

I hasten to add that was only because his was an easy problem - other people wait a lot longer! :)


03-20-2003, 04:33 PM
Just to add my experience ... I've called NewTek only twice, and got through to tech support both times in less than 5 minutes.

So it sounds like I'm beating the average here, huh?

PS: Both calls were early morning.