View Full Version : NZLWUG - March Meeting (What happened)

04-04-2004, 03:46 AM
Before I forget what we did, I thought I'd better post out an update!

A variety of animations as always are a nice way to start out the meeting while we give people time to arrive... This time around I had a few nice trailers for FinalFantasy VII (This time by the Japanese Square studio, and not the now-defunct USA one that created the first FF movie), Immortel (a French comic adaption to the big screen, with effects by LW!), as well as a handful of other small animations... Also repeated the awesome Onimusha3 trailer from last time...

ArtRage, is a freeware and very impressive natural media paint package. Its simple, yet the realism of the look of the media such as paint is outstanding! Brush strokes, smearing, dirty brushes that clog with paint as you work... And the ability to load photos and images into the background and have ArtRage autopick the paint colour from the photo makes great looking art easy to achieve for anyone! You can download it here:

Gary, currently studying at NatColl, bought along some very cool examples of his 'Pumpkinhead' model that he'd been building for a modelling assignment, also explaining some of the modelling techniques he used while building it... Composit shots, Quicktime VR, etc. Nice work Gary, and thanks for showing (and talking about) your work!

That's right, it was me... I'd been modelling and playing with a
character from the Digimon TV show called Rika as something to fill in time and get some modelling practise in. I also demonstrated some of the basic rigging, as well as morphs, etc. Currently I'm modelling the Digimon that is associated with this character, but I'll bring that along next meeting! :)

Since no food is allowed in the newly set up lab, we all went up to the Staffroom for tea and coffee. This made for a lot of social talk which was great...

I covered some interesting tips on Particles for creating dynamic
explosions (with debris) and walk poses. Then the Walk tips stretched out into the competition model and rigs...

The Competition - To animate to a sound track - had a lot of interest! I'd created 3 rigs for the character and as such I took some time to run through the pros and cons of each. In the end I recommended that people make use of IKLegs, as it was the one I found most useful out of all three...

I used the IKLegs rig to demonstrate walking - Starting with a simple 3-pose approach, then creating a 5-pose for half the walk so that I could show how the extra 2 poses extended the whole personality of the walk...

After that, I worked through how to load in a second rig, and posed up the character for the piece of audio. I covered a handful of ideas, as well as slowly showed how I would work through the animation of the character.

Of course, at one point I had to stop or I could have been there for hours explaining and doing things! We also looked at how the camera composition affected the feel of the scene... Hopefully people got enough small pointers to give the competition a good go...

I'm hoping to have all entries in for this competition by Aprils LWUG - Which will be fairly late in the month...

Anyway, hopefully I've covered it all for the last meeting! Thanks again for everyone for coming, and see you all next time!