View Full Version : Is there a VIdeo Card that can drive this beast? SONY GDM-W900?

03-18-2003, 12:12 AM
This link relates to the one I just started but asks a specific question. Is there a card that can drive this GDM-W900? In full 1920x1200 LW doesn't render. Not with my nvidia GeForce4 MX in my DP 1 gig Quicksliver. Not with my other ATA 32meg card either of course.

Also I'm not clear why a second smaller monitor connected to this machine makes it so the big one refreshes even lower than the 76Hz I can eek out of it when it's alone.

My choices are really limited on resolution. I was looking forward to more choices and thus larger text. This tiny text is harsh on the eyes.

Can anyone give me a lead to a card that'll push this beast? If not, does someone what to buy it before it goes up on ebay?