View Full Version : Another NEWBIE pathing question

03-30-2004, 08:34 AM
I just learned the difference between the spline and linier settings for a path. Thanks to those that helped!

I am very new to animation in Lightwave so I am sorry if this is a lame question. The book is really confusing me to death.

This is really 2 questions.

1, when I create a key frame, is there a way to make the bath created default to one of the path modes (linier, TCB Spline, etc) right now it always gets created as a TCB Spline and if I want something else I have to go to the graph editor and tweek each of the aspects.

2, This is the main question here, how can I get an object to follow a path part time? Do I have to use a NULL object or is there a way to turn on the "Allign To Path" only part time?