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03-17-2003, 04:01 PM
I just got a great big Sony Trinitron GDM-W900 used. It's so big! But I'm finding my selection of resolutions very low. Meaning 1600x1024 at only 72Hz! Well I can't stand the flicker. I am used to 100 or 120Hz if I can get it. It seems like there is always some kind of game monitors play with me where the resolution options change from one week to the next. I'm running 10.2.4 on a dual one gig quicksilver and the stock geForce3 MX card.

Now I can't find any drivers on the Apple site and same thing on the SONY site . Am I doing something wrong? I can't believe this high end monitor won't give me 100Hz?

Thanks for helping save my eyes!!(':)')

03-17-2003, 04:43 PM
I'm surprised that you can get 1600 x 1024 as this is not an option with my Radeon card. I'm running at 1920 x 1200 at 76Hz and it seems to work quite well. I think there might be a significant difference between 72Hz and 76Hz as I have noticed flicker at lower resolutions. 76Hz is the lowest that I find acceptable. My ATI radeon card also lets me run at higher refresh rates in 4:3 aspect ratio but I get black bands on the sides.

In OS9 I used to switch between 1920x 1200 @76Hz and 1280 x [email protected] However, in OSX I find that 1920 x 1200 is quite clear and the flicker is not a noticible problem.

You might consider trying a different graphics card and see if your display looks different. We've had monitors that looked awful on one computer and great on another so there are definitely some differences between cards. Also, try using a high quality component cable. There are VERY big differences between cables. And be sure to calibrate your monitor settings carefully. Its really worthwhile.

In the worst case, you could simply switch resolutions if you want to read at higher resolutions. If you do switch resolutions, you might want to check out a program called SwitchRez. I used to use it with OS9 as it would keep my desk top organized when I switched. I'm not sure if its updated with this feature in OSX yet (last I checked though it wasn't) but its certainly worth keeping an eye on if you do resolution switching. For me though, 1920 x 1200 works like a dream for everything. I love the real estate!


03-17-2003, 06:40 PM
Thanks Synergy,
I got it to 76 Hz. Sometimes when I boot up it gives me the option, sometimes not. But in LW I'm getting these checkers and no detail in the image. Very strange.

Is this more resloution type issues?

Thanks again,

03-17-2003, 08:31 PM
I'd be surprised if the checkers and lack of detail are related to your monitor. More likely they're related to your graphics card.

My graphics card can't run Lightwave with the full 1920 x 1200 resolution because the screen won't refresh and redraw OpenGL properly and weird artifacts start appearing. The solution I've found is to drag the Lightwave windows in a just a bit so the size isn't as large. Then I don't have any problem. Yeah, this sort of defeats the purpose of a large monitor but I only need to do this a little bit and only with Lightwave. No other program has a problem with screen redraw. Possibly this is because my graphics card is a bottom of the barrel Radeon with only 32M which is the absolute minimum? I'll bear with this until I get money together for a new Mac. The Dual 1.42G is tempting. But which card? ATI9700 or GeForce4Ti?

The Apple Flat panels are also very nice but what I like about the Sony is I can run two computers on it and easily switch between them. I guess you can now do this with the Apple Flat panel using a Dr. Bott box but before when I got mine it wasn't available. In anycase, I'm really happy with my monitor and you should be able to get your's looking really nice too with the right graphics card.

You might consider buying two and returning one? I often choose gear this way but I announce my intentions to the store beforehand. I've never had a problem and its a great way to try stuff out and get what you want. In fact, I did that when I bought the Sony GDM-FW900. It was SO BIG the store was really glad I decided to keep it!

Good luck,


03-17-2003, 10:49 PM
Thanks. Your input is very helpful. I really wasn't planning to buy another card and this issue with LW does make a difference to me. It's neat that this screen is so big but then again this type is so very very small! Yikes. This is a great monitor, sharp and bright but if I can't support it, well?

Good question, I think I'll start another thread about it, What is the best card, or the best card to drive this beast?

03-17-2003, 11:30 PM
Well yeah, the type is a little small but not too bad. Make sure you adjust the convergence carefully (use 1 pixel horizontal and vertical lines) and it should be very legible. I wear glasses and my eye sight isn't so great but I can easily read text at 1920 x 1200 resolution. As for video cards, I think you only have about two choices. Formac used to be recommended by Sony Engineers but that was a few video generations back (about 50 video card years) and isn't even made anymore. Since the ATI Radeon is working well for me now, I'd probably go with the new ATI 9700. I hear good things about the GeForceTi's too. But first I'd wait and hear some field reports. They're probably very few of them out there though. Maybe better check www.macintouch or www.xlr8yourmac.com or www.barefeats.com


03-17-2003, 11:50 PM
I can read the type on this thing, but the real reason I got it was to make things a little bit bigger and get a more real estate than my 19". There's a lot more space here, for sure, but things have gotten much smaller. I was looking for a balance. I like the size of things at 1280 x 960 (1.33) but it's all stretched out. Its the size I want and it's at 85 Hz too! This would work if it wasn't so elastic. I am surprized the only full screen option is 1920x1200. (1.6). I want 1280x800=1.6 Is that math right? Is their a card that can give me that option at 85Hz and render LW? For less than $400? If so I may be in business.

03-18-2003, 01:55 AM
Apple controls the drivers and the only option they give you is to buy a flat panel instead and where you might get something like 1600 x 1024 (on old 22 inch).

You could just go into 1280 x 1024 with black walls on the side....

Well, if you think that's bad....the day after tomorrow we start the first "pre-crime" war in American history. .:confused: I thought Minority Report was just a movie.....Ah ha, another great use for your 24" Sony: watch DVD's or CNN "Showdown on Iraq" in full "killer" color [sic indeed].


03-18-2003, 09:18 AM
Believe me I'm sick to my stomach thinking about it. Truly. We're dragging civilization into the toilet. How can this administration can be so dumb I can't figure.

And I do see this big monitor as a small issue.

Oh and I will watch a few dvds for sure. How do you get TV onto it? That might be neat.