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03-26-2004, 12:13 PM
Hy ive been using lightwave for a couple of weeks and so im just really starting out. i dont use light wave alone to make projects. I am a film maker and use my footage intergrated with animated objects to create effects. for example i would us a video of me with a gun and then an animated bullet cuming out in slowmotion. My problem is that i have to put the footge together in a diffrent program. I have to guess what the animation should look like and hope it matchers the video. I no that u can inport an image into the background of light wave, but is there anyway to inport video so that that i can accuratly key frame each frame so that the image looks perfect? thanks

03-26-2004, 12:30 PM
You need your footage as an image sequence.
Open Image Editor, load first image in. For "Image Type" in
Image Editor, choose "sequence" from the drop-down.

Click your Scene Tab.
Choose "compositing"
For "Background image" choose your sequence from the drop-down.

Now press D on your keyboard for display options panel to open.
At the bottom, "Camera View Background" choose "Background Image" from drop-down.

*EDIT* - make sure you are in Camera view mode - (press 6 on your keyboard).

There ya go :)
Double-click the end-amount of frames (default 60), lower, right-hand
side of your scrub [timeline] and enter the amount of frames as
you have in your sequence.

Key frame your heart out.

Someone here is probably about to tell you RTF! (read the F'n Manual)
but you are lucky right now - they're all GIDDY about Lightwave 8 coming out :D

Hope I helped.

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