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03-17-2003, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the advice.
I sent Doc Cross a E-mail with the problem project and some more info on the steps that I have taken so far to fix the problem. Here is a copy of the E-mail
I looked around my file bin and found some icons that had no previews. I looked at their file size and it was zero...I don't get what happened to these files? I did not delete them and I know they played when I was editing the project in Tedit. I am editing a music video and I am syncing up the DAT audio to the footage and then when in sync rendering out as a new RTV clip I was tired that night, but not so tired that I would have erased 3 or 4 files like that...The project should still load with black icons for the missing files or is it getting freaked out because they are zero sized clips? I move the files just to see if that would make the project load up correctly and that did not work. I am on a major deadline any help would be appreciated.

The wave audio to the missing clips is still there but like I said the rtv video is gone (0 size file)
I did render some of the clips using the MainConcept DV codec. If the extension was not changed to AVI from RTV when naming the file could this cause a render problem? Just a thought
***We need better error wanings in T2 for things like this** I hate playing detective when things like this happen. Why can't we just have T2 place a BIG red line across a banged up project file or TGA that it can't read.
EXAMPLE: I had a Targa still one time that opens fine in any graphic viewer no problem that I can see and It was saved out with the same program at the same time as all the other Targas but if you hightlight it in the Storyboard or just rollover it in the file bin T2 would lock up and it prevented some of the other Targas from drawing out their previews in the file bin. I had to go over each still to find the problem one(T2 would lock up when I hit it). At that point T2 should know it can't read it and give some sort of warning/clue.