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03-25-2004, 12:59 AM
Dual View Support. Currently LW's windows only refresh when I use Horizontal, Clone or Vertical Spans via the driver set for my nvidia cards. Please don't write it off as an nvidia issue, its not.

Also, something easy to do, remember where i put/had my windows last time I used the software. Currently LW opens all the windows ontop of each other, and in the case of multiple monitors, all on the same monitor.

03-25-2004, 05:40 AM
I also use nVidia's dual view (52.16 Drivers because the 53.03 and up ones seem to make LW CRAWL), and I don't have either of the problems you mention.

Of couse, I am using Horizontal Span. If you are not using nVidia's "dual view" and using "Windows'" dual montir support, I think you only get video accelleration on the primary monitor. (And maybe I don't understand your problem completely so don't be too rough on me if you already know this.)

As far as not remembering window positions, are you saying that when using nView in Horizontal Span, etc., the window positions are not remembered? If so, then I would suggest backing up and deleteing the config files and see what happens. Are they somehow marked "READ ONLY" and not being updated?

Finally, nVidia's nView has been the animal of choice for multi-headed nVidia cards. The native Windows Multi-mon support is just not up to it.

[All bets are off if you are not on a PC, BTW.]

03-25-2004, 07:01 AM
While mrunion is right, if you set things up using nview's horizontal span Lightwave will work, I have to agree with you that Lightwave's handling of dual monitors seems amiss. I tried for a long time to get Lightwave to work with a dual monitor setup using ATI praphics cards with no joy. Seeing how every other application worked fine I had to assume Lightwave was at fault. It doesn't seem to adhere to recommended interface conventions on pc or mac, it kind of seems to be a compromise from an earlier amiga implementation.

To get nview to work properly your monitors need to be setup in the Windows display properties - settings panel so they are shown as one large monitor with the secondary monitor dimmed ("Extend Windows Destop onto this monitor" unchecked). In my case I have the primary monitor showing a resolution of 2560/1024. Some nvidia driver version didn't work correctly for me either. I'm currently using 52.14

03-25-2004, 11:50 AM
Well, we could go on about Windows and NView settings for eons, but that is getting us nowhere. Adding some more lines into the config files for positioning windows (not just the main ones but also panels etc.) shouldn't be too difficult and would quite possibly allow some better display/ workspace configuration along those lines. BTW, I'm one of those unlucky users who never got to work it properly no matter what version of NView.


03-25-2004, 12:35 PM
Thanks Mylenium, thought I was going to go mad.

The problem was not getting dual monitor support to work correctly with LW, it was getting dual monitor support using DUAL VIEW to work correctly.

Dual view doesn't work. Period.

Makes me sad really, since i have to open Fprimeopen on either my primary or secondary, since it will not work/refresh correctly on the third or four monitors using any setup. And won't refresh correctly using dual view on just the first two, or the second set.

Same for LW.

As for window positions, it saves the positions correctly, but doesn't remember they were on the other monitor. So, it doesn't really save their positions :)

03-25-2004, 01:31 PM
Did you try using Horizontal Span? It works well for me, windows remember their positions across monitors and FPrime works fine on both.