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03-23-2004, 02:47 PM
Hi all
Hope this isn't considered "spam."
I thought maybe it would interest some people.
I run a small forum at www.3dfightclub.com
and we are over two years old now.
No spam or ads or gimmicks, just 3D artists having fun and learning from each other.

A Challenge will be announced the morning of April 1st.
As of now there will be one sole winner receiving a Web Hosting
Package with free Domain Name registration, 1GB of space, 30GB
transfer, CPanel 8, Mysql database and the other little bells and whistles
you might see in a comparable package. This is a one-year package, renewable.
It's a great package IF you've been considering delving in to web
design as a way to showcase your work, 3D or otherwise.

The challenge will be an object or a scene such as "Military Vehicle" or "tavern."
(it will have a slightly firmer description but I don't want to give away details)
Open to interpretation and all in good fun.
The winner will be decided by number of votes from forum members only
(guests can't vote 10 different times with different IPs.).

I'll keep an eye on this thread, here at NewTek forums for any questions.
But feel free to sign up at the forum for 3D Fight Club.
It's free, you might get 3 emails per year announcing these bigger challenges,
no spam or strings attached.
I'm simply trying to beef up the competition with some new blood.
If it gets enough, enthusiastic participants there will be a challenge
again, in June. Most likely the same prize but sometimes someone else comes through
to donate a second or third prize.

I understand the current prize may not appeal to all. I'm one guy
with limited funds, dedicated to a 3D learning community.

Further PR - dispelling a myth or two.
Known for our 5 to 15 minute challenges,
3D Fight club's intent is for you to take a break from your regular
production day. Actual modeling is (for our regular challenges, not
the April Prize Challenge) to be done
in 5 to 15 minutes but pre-made sets, light set-ups, textures, etc.
are allowed.
You might consider it "doodling for the 3D artist."
A quick chance during any given day for you to indulge in what you love
without worrying about customers or the boss.
From time to time you might take an extra few minutes to explain
how you made a texture or if you beveled a polygon as opposed to extruding it.
This allows others to learn from you and you might even learn, from others.

The infamous "fight" or "smacktalk":
"Hey, that fifteen minute squirrel looks like it was hit by a truck.
I can do better than that." "Oh yeah? Bring it on!"

There is no piracy or underground network of evil people at 3D Fight Club.

I'll snip it in the bud here...
My only intent is to appeal to anyone interested in challenges
like the April Prize Challenge coming up and to make you comfortable in doing so.

In the name of fun, learning and sharpening your 3D skills.

03-24-2004, 07:15 AM
I'm "bumping" this thread simply because I have news more relevant
to Lightwavers.

Eki has donated a bundle of his PlugPak and ModPak.
I doubt there are any Lightwavers who don't know Eki or his
Plug-Ins (Eki has a place in Lightwave 8, 1001 tips and tricks)
but JUST in case, here is Eki's Home [page]:

To NewTek:
I'm a legitimate user and freelancer/Lightwave
and involved here at NewTek Lightwave forums.
I understand my posting here could be annoying or too off topic
or even considered "spam."
Please let me know and I will immediately cease posting
in this thread and I would even understand if it were deleted.
My intent is not to offend or over-step my own bounds here
at your forums of which I benefit and appreciate.