View Full Version : SuperMicro P4SC8 - P4 With PCI-X

03-22-2004, 07:00 PM
SuperMicro has announced the P4SC8 mobo which has the E7210 chipset (no AGP) and the Hance Rapids (6300ESB) I/O hub.

Apparently, Hance Rapids permits 66 Mhz PCI-X slots on a P4 system, AND, according to the block diagram in the pdf version of the mobo manual, supports 2 SATA connections, like ICH5. There's also an Adaptec AIC-7902 U320 dual channel SCSI controller on the PCI-X bus. There are other mobo's from SuperMicro and Gigabyte that use Hance Rapids, some with the 875P chipset for AGP, all apparently with additional SCSI or SATA controllers on the PCI-X bus.

I haven't found anything on www.tomshardware.com or www.anandtech.com yet. I assume this is because these mobo's are brand new.

One of the arguments in favor of a dual Xeon 7505 chipset mobo has been putting the video array I/O controller on the PCI-X bus, thus not conflicting with VT[3] on the PCI bus, as it would on a "conventional" P4 875P mobo. Assuming these new mobo's perform as expected, is this argument now null and void? Might these new mobo's, with an 800mhz FSB and PCI-X, be a realistic alternative to dual Xeons?

Consider the waters roiled, the pot stirred.