View Full Version : UV Edit Pro - Memory Leak

03-22-2004, 01:12 PM
Sorry if this is not new, but I couldn't find the thread first by searching.

I think UV Edit Pro is a good idea (although a bit expensive).
But has anyone had problems with it? An I am refering to memory problems. I have a windows XP system with 512 MB...(ask me for more info if necessary). When I bring it up I can feel (see and hear) my system consume resources like crazy and become slow to respond specially with other applications running, like IExplorer.

After a while, PUM, modeler.exe crashes with the infamous fault little dialog.

In one ocasion I just left UV Edit Pro running, I went away for a while and when I came back, PUM, modeler.exe was already in software heaven.

Is it just me?