View Full Version : New Project tab(simple but necessary)

03-22-2004, 12:33 AM
NT should buy eki's plug pak or integrate a similar idea...it works very well. His plug pak automates the process of setting up the scene, camera size, lights etc, all the file folders(surfaces, images, everything you could need), even sets the content directory to the project folder, it is so simple I am surprised NT has not implemented this...at least one other 3d package I know implements this idea...I think that the idea is so simple it speaks for itself and I am extemely surprised that it is not already implemented. The folder names are already locked down (images, surfaces, scenes, etc) so I could bet it would not take long to integrate. Just have a tab that says new project with lots of options, presto!
A new project folder with a pertinent folder structure would be created where ever you want, also the file extensions need to be saved with the files (example: surfaces, objects etc)
Also all the content features that come preinstalled with the program should be automatically loaded when needed (ex. a surface preset with a reflection map:)) I should not have to go trolling through my application folders to find them. That is a huge pet peeve of mine. And no I should not have to copy that reflection map to my current project images folder. Cheers