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03-21-2004, 08:17 PM
I just gotta ask if this is normal -

I just upgraded my video board from a quadro 2 ex to a geforce fx 5700 ultra. I have a dual xeon 1.7 and 512 ram. I am running at a screen reslution of 1280x1024 and also 1024x768 (I tried both but no difference). Now I am not asking for a full 30 fps but heres the thing. I am working on some flying logos and in this one scene in particular I have a grand total of 38k polys between all the words. Not a single sub-d mesh, all straight polys. Previously with all the opengl stuff turned off I got about a 1 fps difference in layout (quadro 2 ex). With the new board I get a whopping 3.5 fps. What gives? The only thing moving in this scene is the camera. And this is in wifreame mode btw. We're not even talking shaded models or opengl textures, or open gl anything for that matter.

In maya I can view 5 10k poly characters deforming with a couple hundred bones at about 7 fps. on a similar computer. Same goes for messiah.

Also, I have tried a whole bunch of the opengl settings in the display propreties but nothing changes the fps.

If this is normal? I suspect it is. I did notice a change in performance with the new board, the responsiveness is a bit better in modeler and moving around stuff in Layout.

Anyway, if this is the reality that I am stuck with, I hope that Newtek is truely going to do something about the poor open gl performance in Lightwave for version 8.

Elmar Moelzer
03-21-2004, 08:33 PM
Hey Qslugs!
I am not sure why you are getting such a performance- drop. Have you checked whether LW has reverted to Software- mode for some reason? The about openGL- panel should tell you this, open it and check whether it shows the Nvidia- drivers, or Microsoft. If it is Microsoft, then it is running in Software- mode...
If so, I would recommend to reinstall the drivers.
Also pay attention if you had different detonator- drivers installed previously. In some cases they do not fully uninstall themselves. There are special tools out there to fully remove them before installing new drivers.
Go here and get this tool:
Then reinstall the drivers.
Hope that helps

03-21-2004, 09:58 PM
ok, my goof. I failed to read the poly count correctly. I missed a zero. I guess this is all I can expect with a 350,000 poly count scene. Nevermind, carry on. Nothing to read here...