View Full Version : Much Needed Map Tools IMO

Chris S. (Fez)
03-20-2004, 10:29 AM
1) the ability to copy and paste weight maps and UV maps to geometries with the same point count/order.
a) one disadvantage to having to unweld to access uv's is the altered point order. So no more unwelding please!

2) ability to copy all or a selection of weight maps from one object to another by inheriting values of closest points (see the skin utilities from Max 6...an awesome, awesome production tool). Would be cool with endomorphs and UVs too, to somehow make the points follow the closest points of deforming object.

3) Soft Selection with interactive falloff displays...which can then be converted to weight maps. Would be nice to be able to animate/envelope this falloff in Layout.

4) Ability to mask out the influence of an endomorph on a mesh with a weight map (similar to selecting vertices and clearing the map but obviously with much more control over falloff). Again, Layout too!
b) The influence of all deformation tools in modeler should be able to be applied and masked out with weight maps