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ben martin
03-20-2004, 03:56 AM

Homework Studio is a group of people that decided to make true an old dream.
We have the story and now we have the means to make this 3D animation movie project.

If you would like to make part of this endeavor just visit the project site http://hwstudio.home.sapo.pt and drop us a line.

We need 3D modelers.
If you believe that you can help just contact us.

We don't have much to offer but there are a few things:

1. Your name will appear in the movie (credits).

2. You’ll get a free DVD copy of the final product (English subtitles).
a) You won’t be authorized to sell it or distribute it freely.
b) You won’t de authorized to make any kind of business with it.

3. You have the right to be informed about the product evolution at anytime:
a) Contest participations and results.
b) Any kind of business that could rise related with it.

4. If this project leads to something more serious in a near future you’ll be considered as “first option” artist to a Homework Studio future contact.

This said I really hope that you can help us and become part of this adventure.

Methods of work:

There will be no pressure on you.
We are on this to test our limits and have fun doing it.
You’ll be free to choose your works from our list or to provide some that you have already done.
The duration of this movie production is estimated to end in the beginnings of 2006.
The final movie time length is unknown but previsions point to 1h20m.

Best Regards,

Forgive about my English.
It's not my primary language.

Ben Martin
Art Director
Homework Studio

03-20-2004, 06:13 AM
Cool story line. Are there any live action sequences or all 3d? Are there any completed screenshots to give a sense of the visual style?