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03-20-2004, 01:27 AM

Is the VT3 package compatible with the FireStore-FS-1 DTE unit?



Paul Lara
03-20-2004, 09:22 AM
Of course it is. VT[3] is an open architecture, so most anything seen by the Operating sytstem is also seen by VT[3]. This certainly includes all drives.

You may need to go into Windows' Explorer and map the drive to a letter, to ensure it shows up in the VT[3] file bin.

03-20-2004, 02:28 PM
Our company live switches quite a bit with the t3. We have recorded live switches to removeable drives (which is basically what Firestore is with a cool name) and it works.

However, I think it is safer to capture to your RAID or fast drive on your system and LATER transfer to the firestore if need be for editing on another rig.

I do not know if you can record .rtv to an external drive, that is a pretty tall order to fill. IF you record to DV you need about 12 gigs an hour, which IMHO, is not bad at all. RTV you need 22 mbs sustained transfer rate and DV is something like 6 MBS. RTV requires a lot of space for one hour. Since we shoot a lot of speakers at a podium, RTV seems like overkill for that purpose.

The other plus in capturing the live switch, is that these files are much faster to load in t3 than a rendered 1 hour file.

t3, premeir pro, etc etc all need to build a waveform, Premeir calls it conforming audio, and the t3 just calls it wait.

If you have ever loaded a fresh one hour DV file into the t3, you know what I mean. You could wait between 2-5 minutes (*only the first time you load a new file). Premeir will let you edit right away -- as long as you want to edit the beginning of the clip. If you are editing at the end, you need to wait for it to "conform" that audio. The wait is about the same as the t3, except there is a little bar graph that tells you the percentage of the file that has been conformed.

But, if this was a live switch captured to the t3, your wait is very very small. LIke seconds.

This is another great thing about the rig. And especially for on site editing.;

Try it you'll like it.

Oh, and NAB is just around the corner, and that always means great new things for everyone involved in video production.

We'll soon see if there is a new upgrade, or new product. Who knows?

It won't be long to find out fer sure.

Maybe PAul will scoop us...............

Paul Lara
03-20-2004, 04:19 PM
Originally posted by Kurt_Henning
Maybe Paul will scoop us