View Full Version : Plug-ins and Prefs need re-intallation on every start-up!!! Ouch!!

03-19-2004, 10:35 AM
After upgrading to 7.5c I am having this issue where everytime is start modeler I have to put in all the plug-ins and re-set all my preferences.

The truth is I never really understood how to upgrade versions of LW. I'm given a new folder, but there are a lot of files from the old folder that I still need. Do I bring things to the new folder? Do I just drop the new program in the old folder? NewTek never really explains. I just stumble through and generally get LW going. This time it's a serious problem.

I think this problem I have relates to this issue of not knowing how or if I should merge the old and new. Here's a picture of the two folders. Any help here on what to do would be greatly appreciated.


ps I have just installed 10.3.3. that maybe is adding to this problem!

INSULT TO INJURY!!! Now I'm being told my dongle isn't in. Restricted to 400 points! But it's there!

03-19-2004, 11:19 AM
Did you run Repair Disk Permisions after upgrading things? That is usually a good idea. Another possibility is that an old prefs file was left somewhere, like Library/Preferences. Since there is more that one prefs folder and they are searched in a certain order problems can occur if an older version of an app saved prefs to a different prefs folder. As for the dongle, did you try to reinstall the latest drivers?