View Full Version : Tools to manage big number of item

03-19-2004, 10:21 AM
lw need many tools to manage all item property for big number of item, i mean a spreadsheet with steroids!!! a lot of ...
for example some tools which allow to bake all displacement obj in ones click, i did that with md scan, but i have over 80 character in scene, and it's annoying to select, add displacement, setup, and clickk ok, for all tools. i prefer to use string, and selection for one click operation.

spreadsheet need to add and manage
motion plugin add (with standard setup captured from null with setup or from a string of text, or better you can open plugin in spreadsheet and setup.

idem for displacement plugin
imagine to need to add frpime to 80 character to work fast, to remove something or similar

a way to disable fast deformation from x item
a way to manage and rename item of scenes by simple requester, add subtract string, change name by replace string, and more, if you work with a lot of expression and item you understand why i ask that.

a way to manage and work on scene like tet editor on expression, all in ones shot.
actually for our needing i develop some script, but i prefer an integrated solution.

03-20-2004, 12:27 AM
Hope 8 will have some tools working in thie way you describe.especially in layout!!!
i love so much the possibility to work with multiple items into an easy way and renaming/numbering possibilities. these things have been discussed a bit in these forums, for surfacing, bones and other items some times ago, so i hope Nt is going towards this direction. this would be a good workflow for sure wich will allow not to always go from panel, to panel, to panel...