View Full Version : VT3 encoder -vs- Canopus ProCoder

03-19-2004, 02:58 AM

Is the VT3 encoder functions equal to that of the Canopus ProCoder solution? We currently own a Canopus DV-Rex Professional editing suite, but are in consideration for a new live/editing solution.

In addition we have various different types of media we desire to archive to dvds such as mini-DV, 3 1/4 inch and beta SP tapes.

My ultimate goal is to record to a FireStore FS-1 DTE unit via our JVC GYU500 mini DV camera. This method will have our video clips in ready to use format for immediate editing. After editing, we would like to record the edited footage to a Beta UVW1800 recorder for public broadcasting. a dvd for mastering/duplicating. Also have the video format for web streaming.

I have been out to many forums regarding encorers only to be left cross eyed. (smile) I hear that the Canopus Procoder is a good product, but I really want to get away from Canopus due to some of their software and hardware limitation.

As a tv Christian ministry, productively / quality is a major issue.