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03-18-2004, 11:29 PM
i understand that develop a complex software like lw is difficult and painful, and constant update is not simple, but...

lw is a complex combination of hundred dlls, plugins, and more.
in past lw was updated more frequently, and every user are happy of that, be cause it can solve its problems fast.

instead of release a big update every 6-10 month i think is more confortable for developer, and for user a constant minor upgrade, also if you update and debug a single plugin.

i'm beta tester of different product, and when i work, i prefer to see a constant and frequent update, which mean a constant develop, a constant work, instead an annual release, be cause i understand that developer work hard to solve the bug, and see my suggestions.
i think many users prefer to see a monthly update, a free update which correct a little bug on plugin, which is solve many working problem instead to attend the big release, and suffer for many times of lw bugs.

my suggest to newtek is :
Regular annual upgrade (a payment upgrade) big change of software. like maya and XSI do.
Regular monthly update ( a free upgrade) a minor release and bug fix.

advantage of that for newtek?

regular annual upgrade at payment can establish a linear money in for newtek, which is a good thing (commercialy view is very important), which is a good thing to manage better the developers time, and eventually hiring of new developers for special idea and projects.

regular monthly update for free, which solve also a simple bug of a single plugin, but solve frequently a problem of user, which show the regular work of developers, and newtek to support its user, give a very good feedback to all new user, and simplify a developer work (big release mean a big work, little release mean less and more relaxing work).

if someone think which is not enought a month for a minor release or a bug fix, he could not download an update and attend big release which include minor release and many other update.

i think many user change software or start to use other software be cause see lw updating lack, and seems very bad thing, for everyone which work in 3d market from some years, that remember the old and infamous softimage situation, which a very bad story.

tell me your impression

how many of you want regular update?
for alias and Avid work very well, and all are happy of it, and newtek? i see that newtek did something of that for video toaster, why not for lw?

in past (amiga version and all version until 5.6d, 5.7) Newtek did that, restart that good abitude.
Regular update Rocks for all, User and NewTek

03-19-2004, 03:12 AM
i agree totally on that. it would be great to have a work in progress of the app during the year and a serious update of the app every year. good for making money too. this will make development more powerfull and stable.

a thing i would add to this is that Nt have to test seriously and hardly their app for great projects. this thing will allow a great advance of the app for sure.
too many times we are informed that some studio use Lw, but coupled to other tools like Messiah, or MB.or other the good "wave" instead would be making the app be good into several areas to easily use only it for the 90% of the work. the rest 10% is texture paint, post pro and editing

a good betatester for example would be an artist like Tim Albee (i dunno if he was betatester for 8 though) but there are many others as well. great and experienced animators able to do from modelling to animating to rendering and post pro. hoew to betatest? simply doing their entire projects in Lw, signaling obstacles and bugs etc.
this way nt will be very aware of every possible bug to fix, gather development ideas and more. :)

what do you guys think?

03-19-2004, 04:11 AM
I'm not so sure, if I would agree to that subscription/ maintenance release idea. Yes, we should see more development of LW in a way the public can follow it, but paying for inbetween releases only makes sense if every now and then a really new feature is coming out. So far NT have not proven they can do it. Hell, even LW 8 is only 50 % new if you keep in mind that a lot of the tools were around already. Also NT finally need to learn how to communicate with their users. Subscription costumers could have great potential for beta testing and bug squashing, but without some more costumer care those potentials are lost.


jin choung
03-19-2004, 04:28 AM

i'm not down with the MORE FREQUENT paid upgrade/subscription either.

i absolutely LOATHE the idea of software subscriptions by the way.

it's unfortunate that the software industry is already so lax that it almost seems like you are at best always working with a 'work in progress'....

what happened to finality? what happened to spit and polish? what happened to DONE?!

and the whole notion of 'subscriptions' only seeks to exascerbate that notion.... NO THANKS.


i'm a little let down that newtek has allowed BUGS and things that are out and out BROKEN to fester until paid upgrades. i for one would like the things that i buy to ACTUALLY WORK! and i definitely feel that they need to get on the ball in dealing with PATCHES to remedy such situations!


i am NOT a big fan of frequent paid updates. one of the reasons that i like lw is that it has a comparatively low cost of ownership compared to other apps. and i don't like constantly feeling 'behind' because i have to miss updates.

to a certain but palpable extent, you get what you pay for. and lw meets a niche for me.

i mean really, if i needed cutting edge r&d, constant and regular and expensive updates... hell, i'd go with maya.


03-19-2004, 10:14 AM
i tell about annual mayor upgrade (not free), not about a subscription or similar situation like lw8. i mean nt sell new release ones time at year, but they don't have my money until product is released and i buy it, i support for too many times their product before them exit on market, no more!!!

the actual situation, where users have bought a product which will exit in the future is only a commercial game, be cause they need money in, and free upgrade to 8 is an option to sell many more license.

if they work with regular upgrade programs, they have a regular money in, and they can sell annual upgrade at less price, i mean, if they sell one big upgrade since every two years at 500/600$,, they can sell annual update at 350$ which is a good price, they have more money at end of year, more user, be cause is more to have 350$ than 500 or 600$, and with many fiscal workaround, everyone is more happy.

naturally in mayor upgrade NT must add a very big add of new features from previos version, 8 was born in the caos of development team changement, and two years are a very fast and lucky time for every society, xsi need over 5 years....

last but not least,
develop is hard, and bug is normal, more frequent update give to all users faster debug than an update every xxx period.

03-19-2004, 10:21 AM

subscriptions are for magazines..

03-19-2004, 01:06 PM
maybe someone didn't understood
what madrenderman was asking


annual major releases = paid

this means that in to a particular month of the year the new release will be out with NO doubt.

monthly releases = free!!!

means more and regular bug fixes. instead than making them from time to time in a bunch.

no subscriptions at all
no maintenance payment.