View Full Version : Important note to TMPGEnc plug-in and AVI Wrapper with TMPGEnc users

03-18-2004, 12:02 AM
Hello everyone,

I promised everyone I would let them know when the TMPGEnc plug-in is ready for prime time, and with Patch 3 it now is, but there is one little thing you need to do to make it work right.

In order to work correctly with all of the VT[3]'s 486 line based DVEs and such, the TMPGEnc plug-in and the AVI Wrapper both need to provide the project in 486 line format.

You need to be aware of this in any application you use them in, especially for TMPGEnc.

If you don't adjust this in TMPGEnc, you WILL get BLURRY, scaled, luma darkened, bordered results that really suck. You don't want that.

The solution is simple. All you need to do is go into TMPGEnc's "clipping" panel and CLIP THE BOTTOM SIX LINES of the video. This will change it from 486 lines to 480 lines and it will SOLVE the problem, since TMPGEnc will no longer be forced to scale it.

All my testing with it has been working fine now. Both the TMPGEnc plug-in and AVI Wrapper are working with TMPGEnc. But personally, I recommend using the TMPGEnc plug-in if you are using TMPGEnc, since it is wired into it at a more native level and therefore works quicker and also directly brings the audio in.

As for who discovered this important setting for this particular use, credit it to Corky.