View Full Version : Motion Designer Looses Settings???

03-15-2004, 01:12 PM
Hey - Got a problem.

I never played much with motion designer - I usualy stick to modeling in LW - but recently I was working on a project and I wanted to complete it in LW - but I had alot of trouble with Motion Designer.

Consistantly it changes my settings back.

I found that if I deavtivate - save the file - re-open and re-activate MD - I can change the settings once - but it is pretty stubborn about reverting back to the first settings you give it. Any idea? Easier workaround?

Also - anyone ever seena case where the Skelegons wont convert? I can convert other poeples skelegons - but not my own. They always turn into one point poly's.

Completely legit copy - nothing funny like that. p4 1.7 with 1 gig ram and Quadro fx 500 card. Everything else seems to work peachy keen.

One last question for anyone. I will be getting an extra copy of LW when LW8 is released. Is there a way to get it without a dongle? I have a laptop that I freelance with - its very handy- but my mouse takes up one USB and my USB Thumbdrive takes up the other - I dont have an extra port (Kinda afraid of snapping the little thing off as well.). Does that come in a Processor locked version?



03-17-2004, 10:04 AM
in md you have to go to save and save the motion file or else you lose that motion next time i believe it would be the same for settings

the key to skelegons is that the first chain you need to "drag" out not point and click or else u will get horrible ugly zero-length bones... newtek should fix that to make it more intuative