View Full Version : Making Sasquatch hair from Poser Dynamic Hair?

03-16-2003, 03:00 AM
Is this possible somehow?

...by perhaps exporting in a certain combination?

I'm sure every user of Sasquatch or Saslite has felt the frustation over the lack of hair styles that come with the package and the relative difficulty in making your own hair guides. It's a painstaking process and you need to almost be a hairdresser to get it right.

With Poser 5 I found it somewhat easier to grow long hair, I wish Sasquatch had some easier way to do it but in the absence of that can this Poser 5 dynamic hair geometry be exported out in any way to use as a Sasquatch guide? Or at least form the basis for a Sasquatch guide?

Don't suppose anyone has any links to some Sasquatch hair styles examples by chance, anything that might help to streamline this laborious process?