View Full Version : Curved lightbeam

03-11-2004, 11:45 AM
Im just wondering how to create a light beam in lightwave but it has to be curved to follow a letter. This is for a still image and NOT and animation. So the lightbeam will create the shape of the letter.

Any help would do great.


John Fornasar
03-12-2004, 08:28 PM
I'm not sure of your concept (do you have a sketch?)...

however, if you want a volumetric lightbeam effect ending at the letter, try this (this is the old method of "faking volumetric light beams" - there is probably a tutorial somewhere on the web).

Create your letter poly, extrude it with multiple sections to the length you need, triple and sub-divide. Make a surface for the leading poly, and another surface for the extrusion. Use your Bend tool on the extruded section of the letter.

Put a fractal on the Transparency channel, and elongate the fractal in the Z (considering that you extruded in the Z).

Play with Edge Transparency and you should have a good start to your lightbeam letter.

03-15-2004, 11:28 AM
There is a tutorial on how to do the light trail effect like in Akira. I think this will help. Or at least set you in the right direction.