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03-10-2004, 01:43 PM
in the last month i fight with screamernet on a big project (8minutes of animation with 24 character).

screamernet render scenes with background of character, 70 character with limited motion (that only see other character fight between) for over 1.500.000 polys, and not render a single character extracted from scenes and with different bones and animations (only 3000 polys).

i not add images, obj not loaded in big scenes, or other plugins which can change strutucture of scenes.

there aren't master plugin like spreadsheet, sliders or other which can do error to screamernet

layout load correctly the scenes, and render it but screamernet not start rendering, it start to load but freeze on and do nothing.

i try to setup mode 2, mode 3 screamernet .
i try by lan, by local content, and more.

pay attention, screamernet work well with complex, but not with simple scenes, that mean setup of screamernet is ok, is the scene that is not ok, but why layout load correctly?

i want that screamernet work exactly like layout.

p.s. this problem force me to launch on many computer by hand over 100 scenes to complete before the dead line the animation, and that waste me many night in office, nt refound me the waste time for a waste product?

i hope to see on 8 a full working screamernet, or we go to maya, which work, with some problems, but less than lw.
i love lw but i 'm tired to waste my night to go around bug and limitation....

if tech service of newtek decide to answer to my mail which i send last week... i could send them scene to check, if i have a time, if i want, be cause seems that they haven't a time to answer to an user which use lw from 3.5, which do an italian lw evangelist (with demo, tutorial on principal italian cg magazine, and most of that for free, for love of lw) and in rare time that he ask them help, not reiceved answer....

i very tired user...

03-10-2004, 02:05 PM
Totally agree on that.
C'mon, how can a scene give no errors in Layout and crash in Screamernet? this is a thing wich requires some explaination...:confused:

03-11-2004, 02:34 AM
Hi NemoId,
there are many reasons when screamernet not accept scenes that lw load correctly, but i check every i know, follow you can read some of that :
- when you have a scene with plugin which need to open or load an interface (slider, spreadsheet, and many other master plugin)
- when scene load a images bigger than 10.000 pixel and node use all real memory (ram), be cause lw and screamerntet seems not use virtual memory to render (i know is slower than real memory) but sometimes with a computer with 3gb of ram i can't render at high resolution with lw, but with maya, and cinema4d i render without problems and with a third of ram used.
- when scene not find obj for bad content (user error)
- when screamernet not find files (cfg error)
- when screamernet not have enought lan resource to save files (sometimes if lan is too busy screamernet start to write files, but not finish, and a flx file of 120 mb result half of original save, and you find nothing on it.....) too difficult to do a cycle of check for a few second, until lan is again free, or send error to controller to advise the user...
- when screamernet finish all memory and decide to use first plugin saver avaible, also if it's not correct for the resolution (if you have downloaded dds plugin, which save max 1024 x 1024 pixel you know what i mean)
- when screamernet not found scenes, and you send directly with -3 mode by dos prompt, and you are sure that path is correct(local content).
- when OH God this list could be too long....

ok, i hope that 8 screamernet is better, actually i must use screamernet of lw 7.5 be cause lw7.5b, lw7.5c screamernet not render correctly scenes with g2, all obj with g2 are black, scenes which layout 75b and 75c render correctly...

now you can understand my request of full compatibility between layout and screamernet.

ok guys at dev section, the ball is your.

03-11-2004, 05:49 AM
Very true. I understood and think everyone can understand
how a tool like screamernet needs a good update!
Actually some Nt guy should jump in here and say
something about these probs, just because people wich are going
to produce huge animations should have good tools to do so.