View Full Version : Layout AUTOSAVE/ load autosave version

03-10-2004, 06:53 AM
my request:
1: autosave of objects and scenes.
2: autosave versions of objects( obj_ver1, obj_ver2, etc)
3: an option to load autosaved versions.
4: when program(hub?) is closed, delete the autosaved versions.
5: If program (layout/modeler) crash, when open it again, a message with options for recover files. (files, type, date, etc)

:confused: ?:
The most important feature i find LW need is a AUTOSAVE/backup.
I work on NLE. Speed razor.
when program/computer crash.. i dont lost my modified project:
when open, a message:
SR appears to have exited abnormaly.
Would you like to load the last autosaved version/project?

the hub: only save objects. for camera, lights, bones.. keys.. motion mixer.. etc..
i need hit 's', save manually but if any crash (program/SO/computer broken) and you don't have saved your work.. any change in escene is lost.

when you hit F9.. an autosave..
autosave... between X minutes..

LW can create a "saved.dat" file each minute.
wen LW was corectly closed.. it is deleted.
if any crash and you open program.. "speed .dat was't deleted. program recover the project from it.. and you can save as new version.