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silver fox
03-09-2004, 11:47 PM
NewTek Party 04 Door Prize List as of 3/9/04

I have added 5 more donors to this list – see below! I have contacted many other potential donors and am waiting for their response. Several are some really nice products. STAY TUNED!!!

The following individuals/companies have notified me that they will donate the door prizes indicated. Visit their web sites to get more information on each of the items; you never know, you just might find something there you just can’t do business without.

1. Bob Tasa - ToasterGarage
[email protected] - www.toastergarage.com
2 copies of MultiCam VT3 Plugin
2 copies of BobsOneTouch VT3 Plugin
2 copies of StrobeFX VT3 Plugin

2. Erkki Halkka - Eki's Plugins (He's in Finland)
[email protected] - www.kolumbus.fi/erkki.halkka
10 copies of Eki's Plugpak/Modpak Bundle for LightWave 7.5x
(These are Gift Certificates for electronic download)

3. Felipe Esquivel - Garage Post (He's in Mexico)
[email protected] - www.garagepost.tv
3 copies of DVE Garage 1 (60 DVEs for Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs)

4. Eric Pratt - Virtualsetworks
[email protected] - www.virtualsetworks.com
5 copies of Hat Tricks Volume 3 (Various DVEs)
1 copy of a Virtualset Pack for VT3

5. Bruce Richardson - VideoLink
[email protected] - www.videolink.ca
1 copy of Binary Dairy Rapid Fonts
1 copy of Binary Dairy Rapid Transits
1 copy of Binary Dairy Rapid Clipart

6. Bill Panagouleas - DescreetFX
[email protected] – www.discreetfx.com
10 copies of Spontaneous Combustion

7. Paul Holtz - Class on Demand
[email protected] – www.classondemand.net
10 copies of Backgrounds in Motion (Vol 1) DVD

8. Steve Bowie - Lightworx
[email protected] - www.vtworx.com
2 copies of Mirage!

9. Mary Hoffman - Safe Harbor Computers
[email protected] - www.sharbor.com
1 copy of Building a Digital Human (LW Book)
1 copy of Essential LW3D 7.5
1 copy of Poser Pro Pack
1 copy of Class on Demand VT[2] CG DVD
1 copy of Class on Demand Kick *** Logos VHS
1 Wildcat Bag

10. Alice Edgin - Keyframe Magazine
[email protected] - www.keyframemag.com
3 1-year Subscriptions to Keyframe Magazine

11. Tim Johnson – GrafficJam
[email protected] – www.grafficjam.com
1 copy of the Genesis Add-On Pack CG Templates

12. Don McClure – Digital Element
[email protected] – www.digi-element.com
2 copies of World Builder Pro with the Rosetta Communicator for LightWave 3D

13. 2 copies of a confidential surprise!

14. Rex Olson – Desktop Images
[email protected] – www.desktopimages.com
To be determined!

15. Paul Lord – Liquid Dream Solutions
[email protected] – www.liquiddreamsolutions.com
Some copies of ButterflyNetRender for LightWave 3D

16. Dan Ablan – 3D | Garage
[email protected] – www.3dgarage.com
1 copy of 3D Garage Complete LightWave 3D Courseware
1 copy of Inside LightWave 8 Book
1 copy of LightWave 8 Killer Tips Book

17. Julie Hill - Artbeats
[email protected] – www.artbeats.com
5 copies of Starter Kits DVD
Several Artbeats Collections
10 Bouncy Balls
5 Mouse Pads
and 350 Artbeats Tote Bags containing an NAB Show Flyer and an Artbeats Demo DVD (These are handouts for EVERYONE!!!)

18. Dan Kraus – Bauhaus Software
[email protected] – www.bauhaussoftware.com
1 copy of Mirage!

19. Tiffany Moore – Anark Studios
[email protected] – www.anark.com
1 copy of Anark Studio 2.5

How about sending each of these generous people an email thanking them for their support of the party.

Eric Pratt has set up a web page with more details about the date, time, location, etc., of the party at this link: http://www.toasterstore.com/NAB-Party-04.htm Thanks Eric.

For donations of cash to help with funding the party, please contact:

Ted R. Ruiz Sr. – Ad-Venture Video Productions
[email protected] – www.editbay.tv

For door prize donations, please email me first at [email protected]

Door prizes can be sent to me at the following address:

Ron Gratreaks
5501 Green Willow Street
Las Vegas, NV 89130-1647

Many, many thanks to all the people supporting this project.

03-13-2004, 10:55 AM
DAZ Productions (www.daz3d.com) would be glad to contribute:

4 copies of Mimic 2 Pro for Lightwave
4 DAZ Figure Packs ( Victoria, Michael, etc.)

Please contact me at:

[email protected]


Steve Kondris
[email protected]

03-13-2004, 11:49 AM
Here's some of the characters we'll include in the Character pack.

03-15-2004, 02:35 PM
I like the one in RED!;)

03-15-2004, 03:02 PM
will she be doing an exhibtion at the show Ted ? lol