View Full Version : Layout problem--Frame Slider

03-15-2003, 12:03 PM
I'm using LW 7.5 and it had been working fine. But now when I press the play button to activate the frame slider, the slider jumps from 0 to 12 to 17 to 44, etc. It stops jumping crazily and moves smoothly when I open any kind of window, such as Viper. I've uninstalled and reinstalled LW and I still have that problem.

The only thing I've done in between when LW was working and now that it's acting bizarre, I loaded an application that loaded direct X 8.1. I don't know why that should have screwed up LW.

Any suggestions?


03-15-2003, 03:47 PM
I have similar problem with my system, but I didn't notice this in LightWave yet. After some minutes or hours of working system stops sending WM_TIMER message to the windows which requested this type of message by using SetTimer() (I know it so precisely because I found this problem with my own program which stopped updating window contents because of lack of this message).

The problem disappears after resetting and appears after some time, I don't know what triggers this. When I will have this the next time I will try LightWave sliders and see whether I have similar symptoms to your's.

This problem wasn't in my system since installing it, but started appearing after a long time. I suppose after installing some software, but can't tell what exactly.