View Full Version : Mixer and config windows error

03-09-2004, 08:59 AM
I'm using a 14 channel audio mixer, that I've patched into the BOB. This allows me to also use Premiere Pro, which requires an ASIO sound card (my onboard soundmax), as a seperate audio source to mix back into the toaster.

When attempting to open the mixer panel via the speaker icon/system tray (advanced). I get the following error.

"Failed to connect to Video Toaster configuration windows, please check your video toaster installation."

This is a fresh install. When I had T2, I could easily access the mixer and procamp seperately from running VT2. I don't understand what changed this in VT3.

Disabling and/or unistalling the onboard audio device does not help either. I should be able to use both.

Any suggestions before I get a 6pack of coke and grab bag of doritos and call tech support?