View Full Version : Expressions Question

03-15-2003, 09:44 AM
OK, expressions problems are really hard for me to describe, but I'll give it a try.

First problem: If I create a conditional expression (greater than, less than, etc.), and want to use it as a sub-expression in another expression, it doesn't appear on the sub-expression input list in the Expression Builder unless I clear the scene and re-load it.

Second problem: When I DO re-load the scene and apply the conditional expression as a sub-expression (say, in a simple 'clamp' function), the conditional expression stops working (whereas it works fine outside of the 'clamp' function).

Other 'non-conditional' expressions don't seem to suffer from either of these problems (though I certainly have not tried them all).

Is there something about conditionals that I should know about causing this (and wouldn't there be an error message warniing if there was)? I'm using 7.5 (not 7.5b) and working through a fairly complex tutorial in which the author didn't seem to have these issues (Mac only problem?). Tried contacting him, but no reply yet.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated. TIA.