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David Daniels
03-06-2004, 08:04 PM
My First Post.

I've used LW off and on since '92 (Toaster 4000) But I'm mostly an Animation Director (M and M's '95-96 // Fox NFL bumpers '98 '99 // Klondike CG Bear 2003 // Peter Gabriel's 'Big Time' 1987.

Anyway, I have a good friend who last year created for me 4 very 'alpha' LW plug ins that used together do a kind of 'time extursion' of live action frames stacked in Z, and then boolean cut away. He wasn't a hard core programmer, and has since moved on to other artistic creations.

The tubed cut away series of images looks like very colorful pulsing spaghetti from seen from the side.

It's a CG version of a clay animation technique called 'strata-cut'

I'm attaching a very early .mov test if you want to see what I'm talking about.

Here is a direct link that will be up for a week or so -- it takes a while to download, so be patient


In conclusion --

I need an interested LW programmer who wants to take this half complete idea, and help me finish it -- at least making it a useable beta. I'm hoping to find someone who would look at the current code and documentation, discuss where to go with it, then give me a BID or fixed price for completing a useable Lscript based on our discussion.

Anyone out there interested?

Thanks for your time.

David Daniels
03-06-2004, 08:07 PM
Ooops. I got the url wrong.
It's ...


The 'S' needs to be capitalized. I wrote a lower case version in the last post, that won't work. It's case sensitive.

Thanks to all who are interested in lending advice or help.


03-08-2004, 03:49 AM
The download worked fine for me the first time even with a little "s" (thought the downloaded file has a capital "s").

03-08-2004, 02:09 PM
Wooo crazy effect...

Are you sure you aren't looking for a C-coder?
(yea ok i admit i know C much better than LScript...)

What kind of plugin is that actually, is it a volumetric, a pixel or image filter, or does it create geometry or what does it?

David Daniels
03-08-2004, 04:56 PM
Lynx3d --

C-coding is very close to L script from what my LW friends tell me, so don't be shy. The simple answer is it's geometry.

But your other instincts are right. Volumetric is another strong conceptual possiblity, and some kind of grand z-axis pixel filter is conceptually another possible approach well.

The original programmer was Adrian Grey, and he nicknamed his effort POOP (you'll see the irony as you read further.)

His solution was to stack a bunch of four point polygon image 2) planes so tightly together, that you wouldn't see the sides, or wouldn't notice the 'scalloping' or edge topography discretely jumping from one 'ridge' to the next. To really achieve this effect, someday I will need to add more image inbetweens that what you see on the current test to download.

There are four seperate .ls in the process:

1) You make the windowpane stack in modeler.
2) Texture the stack with a sequence of images in layout.
(Clip map the edges off of each rectangular image to create the organic exterior convolutions)
3) Take it back to modeler to boolean,
4) Then back to layout to animate, snake or squiggle, etc.

He also never really finished the shadowing idea. I think he was going to make it a seperate pass -- an ambient occlusion layer added back to the primary color image, to give it shadow and depth. All the tests exist without this, and are less magical because of it.

Wrapping these ideas into a single ineterface plug in would be ideal, but is probably for much later development.

I'm searching for an .ls programmer to at least de-bug what is there for a fee of some kind.

A completely different voxel solution was discussed, where the actual pixel colors would lead in Z axis space from one color to the next. Think 'Cat Scan' and MRI.

These would be a very promising approach to avoid the scalloped downfall of the more brute force straightforward window pane It's probably where it all should end up

Adrian also thought we may want to use a front to back renderer to speed things up. (realfx or houdini) LW renders back to front, and is very very very slow since it must stack everything you don't see, until it gets to the tiny percentage at the front that you do see.

Perhaps Fprime or someother modern solution with fix this horrible render penalty, so we can keep working on LW as a platform for Poop//strata cut.

The concept is based on a sushi-like time extursion technique I've been doing in clay animation (without computer assist) for 25 years. Check out a copy of Peter Gabirel's big time video to see some of my early work, or visit www.bentimagelab.com in my director's work ('clearasil,' or the last 30 second end of 'eye candy' if you want to see more recent efforts at 'analog' colored mud strata cut.

Hope this helps clarify.


David Daniels
03-10-2004, 12:27 PM
Here are some better movie links showing the Geometry concept.



These show the animated boolean surface being cut. It's not just a flat "distance to camera" disappearing thing.
Here is a much more FAR REACHING radical question I'd like to bring up that bypasses the straight forward obvious GEOMETRY method I'm currently attempting to find help to clean up, de bug and perfect ------

Any thoughts out there about using voxel or color pixels in Z? A string of color shapes that exturde backward along some axis? The geometry is defined by the stacking of the seperate color frames, but then throw away the original window panes (they become just a color guide) and "blend" the directional indications of the discrete color slices to create 'buldging spaghetti' defined shapes in Z? Making TRUE TUBES of color based shape in Z, not just 2-D window panes in X-Y that are dense? This to me is the ultimate application of the strata cut concept. It's obviously much more difficult, long term, time consuming program, but it's conceptually very intriguing, n'est pas?

I know very little about Voxel, but it's been in the back of my head for the past 8 years.


03-11-2004, 12:52 AM
IMO it would be much easier to do (or at least easier to render) with a volumetric plugin.

Maybe sometimes I can put down some prototype but now I'm still working on something which a lot of people is awaiting and I promise a long time ago.

Alain Bertrand

03-11-2004, 04:03 AM
Hm...i still don't really understand the concept.

But it seems a little bit more complicated than i though.
Unfortunately i don't know sh** about LScript, so i'm definitely not the guy to debug it.
And i really should finish some of my own plugins (however they seem to become obsolete anyway...with all the stuff shipping with LW8)