View Full Version : Frame Equation

03-06-2004, 10:19 AM
I'm trying to plan my big project now so after I learn lightwave and get some few short films, projects done I can start on it. If anyone can help me out the thanx. Ok here's how it goes.

The style is going to be seen as Anime and it's a bit fast pase. I'm trying hard not to make it a CGI anime cause I want to keep it looking like it was drawn. Now I've recently seen Understanding Chaos and Shadowskin and how it was done with lightwave. My only consern is the frame rate that was used. It's good that it was slowed down to look like anime, but the frame rate was a little too slow. So far I've tested with another modeler called Bryce on different frame rates, 10,13-15, 17, and 20. Now throgh looking at such animation short froms Konami and Capcom I notice that the animation is slowed down for movements and talking, but in turn its still smooth but not to smooth to look like a CGI film. Through my tests i've found that a frame rate at around 17 was decent. It didn't look too smooth I think, and it had no frame jumps. But what do you guys think? Does it also determine how I key the frames, as in when they start to talk how many frames I use and how they move how many frames I use?