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03-05-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi everybody, First time on here. I'm an event videographer. I just purchased a VT3 and had a fast computer build, ( well I think it's fast maybe that's my problem)..Pentium 4, 3 GHZ ,1GB of ram, NVIDIA FX5900 video card, 138 gig video drive, 3 storage drives.
The drives are running at 10,000 rpm. I would think this would be fast enough for multiple cameras, projectors, etc.
When I hook up the cameras, everything is captured fine on my hardrive with no dropped frames, but when I have my DDR playing a clip and I switch between that and a camera feed I get these messages.." input sync glitch" and "no video signal present (potential Driver Lock up), and then everything goes haywire. I have BOB and the RS8.
Anybody have any ideas? Thanks

03-09-2004, 02:49 PM
I have to apologize for not giving the correct info on my system.
It's hard to wear all the hats in this profession. I called up the company who built the computer for me and they gave me the correct specs on the hardrives.
I have 2 36GB Raptors striped for my system drive, 2 120GB IDE drives striped for storage, and 4 WD 36GB Raptors (10,000rpm) striped for my video drive. I'm capturing to my video drive but still get "Input Sync Glitch" It captures fine for a while but when I start my DDR running it dropes frames and gives me this error. I sometimes capture to my external Lacie drive (200GB 7200rpm) by firewire, and it will drop frames on that to. Any suggestions why it's doing that? I appreciate your responses so far and would like to solve this problem because I do a lot of event shooting and I was using the videonics switcher and the firestore to capture everything and I wasn't happy with the video. I know the VT3 rocks If I could solve this problem. Thanks Chris